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START YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL ECOMMERCE ONLINE STORE Let My Ecommerce Family Take All The Guess Work out of creating , Starting TODAY! And Profiting From your Own Online Ecommerce Website

My E-commerce Mastermind Home

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At the time of writing, the world is a very worrying place, so many people have now sadly had the rug pulled from underneath their feet by our moronic government (s) and so have realised job security is now a thing of the past, and the whole landscape re earning an income is going online. And so, as people scramble to start a business online, they now face the daunting task of what can they actually do, to develop an online business, and more importantly that generates an income? Thankfully we realised the importance of having an online income over a decade ago, and over this period we have not only grown our brand online globally, but we have helped family and friends emulate our success.

We are just a working class family from the UK and we do really pinch ourselves re the lifestyle we now have today, but more importantly doing this as a family together and we would like to give you our personal invitation to let us show you how we as a husband and wife team, with our two daughters (our youngest is just 12 years old) run our online business and e-commerce store together that has been life changing.

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If you have been looking to create your own business and brand online, and or maybe expand your current business, but struggled to find ‘genuine help and advice’ we feel your pain because there are sadly many people online that are more than happy to con you out of your hard earned money. These people in the online community are called contrepreneurs.

And boy o boy, we have been conned by these scumbags, and on more than a few occasions we are embarrassed to say. These are normally the guys that wrongly state that making an online income is easy, and they will show you in their promo videos, their big houses, fast cars and champagne lifestyle. Obviously for the most part this is complete nonsense.

And so at this point we would like to stress, we are not like these BS artist online, who try to direct you into their recorded webinar funnel, and then try and sell you an over priced course that just overwhelms you with out dated videos. Then just hide behind their laptops when you ask for help.

We are the complete opposite, and we are more than happy for you to visit us in person, shake our hands and look us in the eye, because what we do is genuine and above board, and is recognised globally as one of the most respected brands in our industry, so we do not hide behind a laptop like most do online, so when you need help, we are just a phone call, email or even a quick face to face meeting away. Guaranteed!

However because of the current restrictions, we cannot meet in person, so until further notice and restrictions ease off, we are doing our meetings, via zoom. And yes, this will be 100% live, there will be NO boring slides and it will just be a normal conversation face to face, where you will be able to ask any question that you have, and more importantly we will not ask you for one penny!

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Ok so who are we you are most probably asking.

We are the Newland family, and we have been one of the main brand leaders in our niche now for over two decades competing against giant brands like nike and adidas, so it is safe to say we know what we are doing, and if you take us up on our offer and come to our free live zoom call, we will show you exactly what we do, and the exact products we sell that have kept us all in an income and lifestyle for several years now.

We run the business for the most part as husband and wife, with our oldest daughter, and our youngest helps when she can. I know some people might not relish working with their families and yes, sometimes we want to strangle each other, but we would not want it any other way. We have tried to offer opportunities and jobs to non family members in the past, but have always been let down by their lack of effort, or lack of ethics. So we feel more comfortable doing this just as a family now.

And the reason for this invitation to meet us in person live, is because we have seen an opportunity to work with other families and or couples, for a win win venture to help us all grow and make an income together.

Please Note: This will be 100% your business but you will get to piggy back off our years of proven experience that has seen us generate over eight figures in sales over the years.

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Also when you hear our business venture idea, you will know it is not sales talk when we state we can only work with a certain number of families/couples, so this is not about trying to get as many people involved as we can. We just have not got the time. So if you are interested for a completely non obligated zoom chat, with a ton of priceless free advice and were we will not ask you to hand over one penny, please click the link below and we look forward to hopefully building a long term friendship with you. All the best, The Newland’s.

Next Live Zoom Meet Is January 22nd  2021 – 12pm (UK Time)

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why are we unique and different to most ?

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